Bullying Prevention Bus Training Course & Strategies Kit

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5 hours of bullying prevention training on three high-quality DVDs for bus drivers, bus attendants, monitors, etc. (Presenter: Allan L. Beane, Ph.D., international expert, speaker, and author of over 20 anti-bullying books – Bully Free®® Systems, LLC, www.bullyfree.comabeane@bullyfree.com):

  • Definition of bullying and how to determine if a student is in a bullying situation.
  • What research reveals about bullying and the warning signs.
  • Why it is critical to prevent and stop bullying on buses.
  • Strategies for bus drivers to use to prevent and stop bullying.
  • How students can help drivers prevent and stop bullying on buses.
  • How bus drivers should respond to bullying when they see or hear it.
  • Dealing with a defiant student or a student questioning your authority.
  • How schools and the transportation department can work together to prevent and stop bullying.

A manual for Directors of Transportation with strategies for preventing and stopping bullying:

  • Administrative Strategies for the Director
  • Linkage with the Schools Strategies
  • Parent Education and Involvement Strategies
  • Community Education and Involvement Strategies

CD-ROM (MicroSoft Word Files):

  • Forms and documents
  • Professional Driver Bulletins (professional development fliers to post in the garage)
  • Driver Scripts (one-page fliers of information for drivers to read to students)
  • Pledges for Students, Drivers, Parents and Community Representatives
  • Survey for bus riders and bus drivers
  • How to deal with parents who try to enter the bus
  • Workshop agenda, workshop guide for Directors of Transportation and workshop handouts
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