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BULLYING PREVENTION LESSON PLANS--Preschool--pdf files--(Available in Preschool Kit only.) May be printed for all personnel in the purchasing school.
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Preschool teachers and counselors will find these lesson plans to be a powerful instructional anti-bullying resource with an excellent scope and sequence of thirty-one (31) lesson plans. They purposefully have a heavy focus on anti-bullying content. These interactive and thought provoking lessons were developed by preschool teachers working with Dr. Beane and Linda Beane over a three-year period. The Bullying Prevention Lesson Plans were field-tested in 23 schools. They are currently used by preschools throughout the United States. They were designed to create a supportive, caring, peaceful and safe classroom and school. They promote the Golden Rule, develop empathy, help students who are bullied cope with their feelings and with the bullying, as well as encourage those who bully to stop mistreating others. Many of the lessons are designed to empower bystanders and to teach them to play a major role in preventing and stopping bullying. Almost every lesson has five components: Learner Outcome(s); Essential Question(s); Preparation and Materials; Activities; and Lesson Extension(s). The design of the lessons is based on effective preschool teaching and learning principles. They are so powerful, they change lives, and maximize efforts to change the climate of the school.

To make the lesson plans more cost effective, Bully Free Systems, LLC has made all of the lesson plans available as pdf files. When they are purchased, a username and password for accessing and printing the preschool lesson plan book is provided in the kit. There is a one time cost, no annual renewal or subscription fee. Also, as new lesson plans are developed and/or as the lesson plans are improved, the preschool will have instant access to the updates at no additional cost.

The lesson plans will give your preschool a consistent anti-bullying curriculum with a comprehensive scope and sequence.

8/12 x 11 (92 pages)