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PROTECT YOUR CHILD FROM BULLYING by Allan L. Beane, Ph.D.--229 pages (for the counselor)
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From cyberbullying to "mean girls" to school shootings, bullying is a complex and frightening problem confronting parents and children of all ages. This invaluable guide--written by international bullying expert Dr. Allan L. Beane--explains the many ways that bullying can present itself, the harm it can do to your child if ignored, and most importantly, what you can do to protect your child. The strategies in this book, which are based on solid research and practice in education, sociology, and psychology, and inspired by the author's personal experience of tragedy, are being used successfully in classrooms around the country as part of the Allan L. Beane Bullying Prevention Program.

Protect Your Child from Bullying will show you how to:
* Read the tell-tale warning signs that your child is being victimized
* Understand the characteristics that make a child an easy target
* Tell the difference between normal conflict and bullying
* Take action when your child is the target of bullying
* Help prevent cyberbullying
* Give your child a solid foundation for dealing with situations that involve bullying
* Show your child how to take action as an empowered bystander when others are being mistreated
* Help your child develop a strong sense of acceptance and belonging

This is a must-have resource for all parents who want to create a safe and healthy environment for their children.

229 pages