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HELPING YOUR CHILD BE FREE OF BULLYING by Allan L. Beane, Ph.D.--97 pages (CD pdf file)
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This book is a pdf file that can be placed on the school's or district's server in a secure location. It can be accessed and printed as many times as desired.

It was written for parents. However, school personnel who seek to guide parents should also read it. Schools are encouraged to make this book available to as many parents as possible, but especially to parents of potential victims of bullying, parents of victims and parents of bullies. It is designed to be an informative, practical, and useful tool. The book is composed of several facts sheets about bullying as well as effective tips and suggestions for parents that can be readily accessed to help their children. The format is intentional. Narrative and educational terms have been kept to a minimum and much of the content is presented in a bullet format with short, concise, and useful one to four sentence tips.

The topics are:
1) What is the nature of bullying?
2) What are the warning signs?
3) What can I do at home to give my child a good start?
4) How can I promote my child's acceptance?
5) What is the difference between bullying and normal conflict?
6) What should I do when my child is a target of bullying?
7) How can I prevent cyber bullying?
8) What should I do when school personnel bully my child?
9) What supportive tips should I give my child's siblings?
10) What should I do when my child is bullying others (including siblings)?
11) How can I help my child who is a bystander?
12) How can I participate in the school-wide bullying prevention program?