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Ask Your Principals and Counselors to Register Now for Chance to Win 660 Bully Free® Lesson Plans

Bully Free® Systems, LLC has already given away 660 anti-bullying lesson plans to over 20 school districts in twenty states. For the next several months, Each month Bully Free®® Systems, LLC (  will conduct a drawing to select one registered school district to receive 660 Bully Free®® Lesson Plans (preschool – high school), free. Superintendents, principals and counselors should be asked to register. Parents and students should not register. There is no limit to the number of times they can register for the drawing.

Winners will receive usernames and passwords to access the lesson plans at The lesson plans are pdf files that can be printed by all district personnel. The usernames, passwords, and books can not be given to other school districts, schools, agencies, or individuals outside the district. Such activity is a violation of copyright law.

Counselors and teachers will find these stand-alone, highly interactive, and scripted Bully Free®® Lesson Plans powerful instructional anti-bullying resources with an excellent comprehensive scope and sequence. These practical lessons will maximize the district’s anti-bullying efforts and provide a consistent anti-bullying curriculum from preschool – high school.

The lesson plans:

  • Were developed over a three-year period by teachers and counselors working
    with Allan Beane, Ph.D. and Linda Beane authors of the Bully Free®® Program
  • Were tested in 23 schools (several charter schools)
  • Include 31 Preschool and 27 Kindergarten Lesson Plans
  • Include 30 or more core/essential lesson plans at each grade level (1-12), including cyber
    bullying and several supplemental lessons with a heavy focus on anti-bullying content
  • Include Learner Outcome(s), Preparation, Materials, and Activities
  • Include Journaling, a Lesson Extension, and Handouts
  • Include Parent Chats (English and Spanish) for educating and involving parents
  • Include age-appropriate songs, short stories and poems
  • Promote the Golden Rule, develop empathy, help students understand the nature and
    destructiveness of bullying
  • Help students who are bullied cope with their feelings and with bullying, as well as encourage
    those who bully to stop mistreating others
  • Empower bystanders and teach them to play a major role in preventing and stopping bullying
  • And MUCH MORE!

Visit and click on “Products” to see descriptions and samples of the lesson plans
at each level. You may also view samples of the lesson plans by clicking on “View Samples of Bully
Free Lesson Plans” and clicking on the desired grade level(s)

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