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Workshop:   Steps to Establishing the Allan L. Beane Bullying Prevention Program
Length: 4-6 hours (time spent on topics can be adjusted)
Description:    This workshop is designed to train the Bullying Prevention Program Team(s)/Committee(s) or school safety committee(s) to complete the steps/tasks required to implement the Allan L. Beane Bullying Prevention Program. During the workshop, team members examine each of the steps and examples of documents to be developed, such as: Bullying Prevention Program mission statements, mottos, policies, rules, response plans, administrative strategies, supervision strategies, student involvement strategies, parent involvement strategies, and community involvement strategies and other valuable information and examples. This training is very beneficial, however, it is not required to implement the program.

Note: Prior to the workshop, a copy of Bullying Prevention for Schools:  A Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing a Successful Anti-Bullying Program must be purchased and made available to individuals who plan to attend the training.